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"When it comes to SEO and link building strategy and implementation, AbdulGaniy is my go-to guy"
Owen Mcgab ENaohwo
CEO & Co-founder SweetProcess

What We Do

Our Process-Driven Approach to Link Building

Step 1

Analysis of existing website content and link profile

Step 2

Find relevant opportunities for your content

Step 3

Reach out to these opportunities using personalized messages

Step 4

Offer something of immense value to the website/audience

Step 5

Track and record the whole process on your behalf

Premium Plan

$3000 Per month

Who Is This For?


We use a process-driven approach to make that happen.

Still Have More Questions?

Below are the answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it depends. I’d say if you have the time and capacity to build links in-house, then you might not need an agency. But if you don’t, and focus more on creating quality content, then a link building agency is a must-have for you.

We charge a monthly retainer fee of $3000 to build links for your website. Right now, we do not charge for individual links. 

To be frank with you, link building takes time, especially if we’re writing guest posts (Which is our most recommended strategy). Ideally, links should go live between 2-4 weeks. Sometimes, it could take more than this, depending on the target website.

Link building requires patience and the effect takes time before it materializes. However, between 6-12 months of consistent link building, you should start seeing some noticeable changes on your website.

I respect other link building agencies out there and appreciate the job that they do for their clients. That said, I’d say our distinguishing factor is that we take a personal approach to any link building campaigns we take on, and never go to sleep until we help you land those quality juicy links.

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